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Sunsets and Genetics

June 17, 2008

The world is divided up between people who like to watch the sunset and people who don’t. People like you are never happy. You’re anxious, Type A, egocentric perfectionist who can’t sit still and die alone with a million bucks and a thousand regrets. The people who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day… They’re the happy ones. – After The Sunset (2004)

A few years ago, I had to repeat that scene in the above Pierce Brosnan film tens of times just to get the lines right.  At that time, I was determined to be part of the half of humanity who can relax, enjoy the sunset, and hold hands at the end of the day.  I still believed then, that it was a possibility if I try hard enough.

I remembered it again after reading that whether one will be happy – at least in this lifetime – is already predetermined by our genes.  Wow.  So much for attempting to find happiness.  If this is true, then some of us were born to a life of glee and others of gloom?   

Dear Sir Up There, heed my decades old prayer now please.  I so want to have a happy old age and I’d love to watch sunsets.  But I think I’ll need a hand to hold soon … The thought of growing old alone is getting so damn scary everyday…