Sunsets and Genetics

June 17, 2008

The world is divided up between people who like to watch the sunset and people who don’t. People like you are never happy. You’re anxious, Type A, egocentric perfectionist who can’t sit still and die alone with a million bucks and a thousand regrets. The people who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day… They’re the happy ones. – After The Sunset (2004)

A few years ago, I had to repeat that scene in the above Pierce Brosnan film tens of times just to get the lines right.  At that time, I was determined to be part of the half of humanity who can relax, enjoy the sunset, and hold hands at the end of the day.  I still believed then, that it was a possibility if I try hard enough.

I remembered it again after reading that whether one will be happy – at least in this lifetime – is already predetermined by our genes.  Wow.  So much for attempting to find happiness.  If this is true, then some of us were born to a life of glee and others of gloom?   

Dear Sir Up There, heed my decades old prayer now please.  I so want to have a happy old age and I’d love to watch sunsets.  But I think I’ll need a hand to hold soon … The thought of growing old alone is getting so damn scary everyday…   



  1. One should not scared of growing old. Check this article last April.

    Study: Old Age Is The Happiest Time


  2. Happiness is a choice.

  3. My ex once told me i should stop and feel the wind on my eyelashes… i couldn’t. he left me a few weeks later 🙂 i think happiness is subjective.. i’m ok.. fairly happy i think. and i still don’t watch sunsets :p

  4. Although I believe we could be happy although alone, “without a hand to hold” (I have known many who aged alone yet truly happy. Also, no one is ever really alone.), I join you in asking “Dear Sir Up There” to heed your “decades old prayer”.

    You definitely deserve to be happy.

  5. ..was born a life of glee or a life of gloom there are purposes for such…
    ..and I think we can survive a life “without a hand to hold” for the rest of ourlives…Dear Sir Up There wont just be holding us but will be walking with us till eternity.. =)

    dont feel blue.
    don’t feel alone.
    the world isnt cruel.
    tomorrow everything will be alright.

    TRUST to the “SIR UP THERE” =)

  6. You will find the hand that would hold your hand soon enough before a beautiful sunset comes.There is no beautiful sunset yet, but it will surely come. I should know, mine came at the right place at the right time. Hehe. Visit my blog too, madam, http://www.finesthours.wordpress.com.

  7. oh, i wanted to grow old! i wanted to live longer. be not afraid, dear soul sister. everything will come so easy. watch sunsets. love the sunrise. get strength from the moon. live each day as if you are just starting to live it.

  8. I love watching sunsets from the balcony of my beach house at the western coast of Marinduque Island. I could identify with your blog on sunset and genetics. Have a good day and happy blogging! Cheers!

  9. To age is for the weak! LOL. Nice blog bigenya!

  10. the concept relating happiness with genes is interesting. It explains why some people are miserable despite having everything while others continue to be happy despite desperate conditions.

  11. If you take out the ‘thought’, would growing up still scary? just asking..

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