Rest for the Weary

April 24, 2008

“Periods of inactivity are necessary – a pen that is always writing ends up losing the awareness of what it is doing.  So let it rest whenever possible, and concern yourself with living … When you return to the business of writing, you will find a happy pen with all its strength intact.” – Paolo Coelho

I cannot wait to write again. In the meantime, moments that mattered the past weeks:

  • Rest now, Manong Sid, Class President of UNP College of Law Class 2006.  He was a wonderful father, a loving husband and one of my manongs.
  • Happy birthday to Doc Joy and welcome, welcome to her beautiful, adorable baby.
  • Welcome back, Ishy dear! We missed you bad.
  • Happy, happy birthday to Rev. Rex Vidal, SVD, Engr. Alvin Amano, Dr. Lilia Racsa, Tita Precy Cadorna, Lolo Tinong Sanchez and tomorrow, twenty-three (23) hugs to our bunso, midwife and nurse, Jomari.

One comment

  1. hi there!

    salamat naman at nakapagsulat na naman ako ng kung ano-ano! thank you talaga sa mga prayers. as of now, nasa second course na ako ng chemotherapy. please help me pray more na maging okay na gaya ng dati.

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