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Rest for the Weary

April 24, 2008

“Periods of inactivity are necessary – a pen that is always writing ends up losing the awareness of what it is doing.  So let it rest whenever possible, and concern yourself with living … When you return to the business of writing, you will find a happy pen with all its strength intact.” – Paolo Coelho

I cannot wait to write again. In the meantime, moments that mattered the past weeks:

  • Rest now, Manong Sid, Class President of UNP College of Law Class 2006.  He was a wonderful father, a loving husband and one of my manongs.
  • Happy birthday to Doc Joy and welcome, welcome to her beautiful, adorable baby.
  • Welcome back, Ishy dear! We missed you bad.
  • Happy, happy birthday to Rev. Rex Vidal, SVD, Engr. Alvin Amano, Dr. Lilia Racsa, Tita Precy Cadorna, Lolo Tinong Sanchez and tomorrow, twenty-three (23) hugs to our bunso, midwife and nurse, Jomari.

Prayers for Wilson Czar

April 5, 2008

I saw this post from Rev. Willie Jones Ducusin. Please include Wilson Czar in your prayers. Rev. Jones:

Please help us pray for my brother, Wilson Czar. He got into an accident. He had a small fracture on the skull. Thank God, the neurologist Dr. Espinosa assured that it will heal, and so there is no need for surgical intervention. What we pray for is for no infection to occur so that the healing will be fast and complete.

Even in trying times, most especially in these times, we believe that God is truly merciful and powerful.

Please help us pray for my brother’s fast and sure healing.