“Better let somebody love you…”

January 15, 2008

“… before it’s too late.”

Desperado. There are numerous renditions of this song. The Eagles version remains my favorite, though. Listening to it now as I try to forget my aching back en route to Manila.

Some friends say that the song is fast becoming the story of my life. For this year – the year most of my friends turn 32 – many believe that it is prudent to remind me that biology is gaining speed and might overtake soon. The consensus, it seems, is that I should no longer tarry.

Yet, I have never subscribed to the idea that love has to meet biological deadlines. I also disagree that love needed to conform to conventions. I refuse to settle into the sad cadence of relationships created for the wrong reasons.

To me, love still means waiting, even without certainty. Love still is loving – just loving – even after it already hurts. Love just is.

There is more to life than marriage, right? In the meantime, while He is still at a loss whether we are worthy of the sacrament, let us not allow Desperado’s promptings to drive us to desperation.



  1. Geehhzz! I found one. “There is more to life than marriage..” lalalalala..pretty well said atty.uu

  2. yeah, love just is! very well said sis…

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