Was it a Merry Little Christmas?

December 26, 2007

I was wailing about spending Christmas Day without a significant other when a friend sent a text message that He Whose Birth We Remember was born to die alone. That shook off the whatever blues clouded my Christmas Day.

We are never truly “loveless.” It’s a shame that as we grow older, we tend to delimit love to just the romantic kind. We take for granted the truly unconditional loves – our parents whose happiness seem to lay solely in our happiness, our siblings who sometimes forego their dreams just so we could pursue our own, our little cousins who think the world of us no matter how messed up our lives could be – these loves never leave us for another, they would never break our hearts, these are the loves that are really for keeps. And His love that just never gives up on us, even after we have long given up.

Hope we all had our own Merry Little Christmases. This is also a chance for this weblogger to say thank you for being on this journey. What a ride it has been!



  1. lam mo classmate, theres always something or someone for everyone… meron tlg nkalaan…

  2. Hi Arnulfo! Baka “something” lang sa akin, hindi “someone.” Haha. Thank you, I’m so glad we’re keeping in touch.

  3. Your success fills the emptiness of not having a special someone. Nevermind about love, it will come your way. Surely.

    2007 wasn’t good for me. i wish i had the success you have to fill in the emptiness of losing a person so special to me, the losses and failures i’ve committed, and most of all the times i felt i’m alone.

  4. My friend, the emptiness remains… and eats you from the inside.

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