November 13, 2007

From an email of NYC Commissioner Benjie Oliva:


The National Youth Commission, by virtue of Republic Act 8044 The Youth in Nation Building Act, is the sole policy making coordinating body of all youth related institutions, programs, projects, and activities of the government. We are also tasked to administer youth exchanges and all foreign sponsored youth programs.

In line with this, we are pleased to inform you that the application for the Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Program is now open.

The JENESYS Program is a Japanese government sponsored exchange program that aims to harness the youths full potential through the sharing of experiences and expertise on common youth leadership and practices, as well as, to promote cultural understanding, appreciation and respect among the youths of all countries involved.

We will be recommending 200 Filipino youth to participate on this program and the selected participants will be going to Japan on May 13-22 and 22-29, 2008, all expense paid by the organizers, Japan International Cooperation Center.

On this regard, we would like to invite all qualified students to apply for this program. Copies of the necessary forms are herewith attached. These forms may be photocopied and the same are available through our website www.youth.net.ph. The qualifications and necessary requirements are also attached and are also indicated in the forms given. Please note that the deadline would be on December 31, 2007.


1. Filipino, single, must be between 16 – 18 years old, on or before April 1, 2008

2. of good moral character

3. must be currently enrolled in a college or university with a GWA of 2.25 or 85% equivalent, with no failing marks in the preceding semester

4. physically and mentally fit to travel

5. must be a first time traveller to Japan and/or must not have been a grantee or recipient of any NYC funded international tavel or Japanese Government grant

6. Must be knowledgeable of the history, geography, culture and arts, and the current issues on the Philippines, and fairly knowledgeable in those of Japan and other East Asian countries

7. Must be an officer or an active member of a youth organization at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of application

8. Must be willing to be an active NYC volunteer after the program to be covered by an appropriate memorandum of agreement and to continue to promote the learning about Japan and the Japanese culture gained from the JENESYS Programme

* Area representation would be based on the place of the school, college, university enrolled in


1. two (2) copies of the application forms (JENESYS entry form, application form for student ambassadors and nyc volunteer form) with passport sized pictures with white background attached to each forms (all original, no scanned pictures)

2. two (2) copies of resume, not more than 3 pages

3. two (2) copies of certificate of good moral character, issued by the school, college or university (1 original and 1 photocopy)

4. two (2) copies of the certified copies of the grades

5. two (2) copies of the Police or NBI clearance

6. Four (4) passport sixed pictures (not scanned)

7. completed NYC volunteer forms

For my adings who are interested, please leave your email address here so I can forward the forms as sent by the Commission.



  1. hello!i’m very much interested in the program.please send me the forms.thank you!here’s my e-mail add jennei_chan@yahoo.com

  2. hello! Good day! I am very much interested with this program. Can you please submit to me the forms and other requirements for this program. Thank you and more power!

  3. will all the expenses be covered by the organizers including the air fare and also the board and lodging? thank you… God Bless!

  4. I already have a hard copy of the form for the program and i read in the waiver that the organizers will not be of any responsibility to the participant if something happens to him or her while the program progresses. Can you please clarify to me the waiver stated on the form since I am very much interested but I am in doubt of the things stated there? Still, I want to have a soft copy of the form so please send me one.

  5. Thanks! I’ll just check it on my mail.

  6. i am also interested in here !! ^^ pls send me the form, thaks so much :]

  7. Hello! 🙂 im Sofia… im very much interested about the program. i humbly say im qualified for it. please reach me in my e-mail address for more information. i hope i will be include. Thx!

  8. Good day!
    I’m very interested with the program. Please send me the copy of the forms. The link on the Japanese Embassy’s website is not working, so I can’t download it from them. My e-mail add is wittyninja_yuffy@yahoo.com
    Thank you very much!!

  9. @ katherine

    maybe its not the link. some of the files at the Japanese Embassy website requires adobe acrobat. Your pc might not have that xD in anycase, they have a word format for the app xD check this JENESYS link out from the Embassy:


    there’s a doc version of the app you can dl xD
    ja ne~~!

  10. Hello everyone. I also posted the forms at this link: http://elena.cardinez.com/?p=600

  11. Good day!!!
    What are the particular places to be visited in Japan???
    Kindly reply to my yahoo mail… Thanks a lot!!!

  12. By the way, my yahoo mail is:
    fnvc_91@yahoo.com.ph…. I’ll be waiting for your immediate response. Thanks again…

  13. ahm,,i am really interested in this programme but ufortunately i didn’t pass one of the qualifications that i should be an officer or an active member of a youth organization for at least one year. Can I still apply for the programme?

  14. Good day! After learning about this program, I found it very interesting, and so I would like to ask if you can send me a soft copy of the application forms required for the said program in my e-mail.

    e-mail ad: mikhale65_ramp@yahoo.com

    Thank you very much!

    God Bless!

  15. Good day! I am very much interested about this program. Can you please send me a soft copy of all the forms as soon as possible? Does the deadline for the submission of the requirements is on December 31? And regarding the requirements, i had already applied for my NBI clearance 2 weeks ago and it just so happen that they gave me the LOCAL not the FOREIGN one. I ask them if they can make me another one but unfortunately they told me that I can get my NBI clearance after 1 week which is January 3. Is it okay if i pass the local one for a while? or it is really required to pass a foreign NBI Clearance. Please. . . I really want to join this program!

    By the way this is my yahoo mail account: rhanna97@yahoo.com.ph

    Thank you very much!

  16. hello! i’m very much interested with the program. can you send me the forms and other informations. thanks! my email address is: crazeyme_tin@yahoo.com

  17. Happy new year. After learning about this program, I found it very interesting, and so kindly send me a soft copy of the application forms required for the said program in my e-mail.

    e-mail ad: vijai_4pratapsingh@yahoo.com

    Thank you very much!

  18. Happy new year. After learning about this program, I am interested in this programme, kindly send me a soft copy of the application forms required for the said program in my e-mail.

    e-mail ad: roopseesingh@gmail.com


  19. ok

  20. I am very interested about this program
    and aside from the fact that we the youth
    is the fair hope in nation building
    we should work hand in hand for the progress
    of the country and the other EAST ASIAN NATION
    Tnx. for having a wonderful program like this

  21. Are there already a list of qualifiers to the program?
    If there are, please send me one. I would like to know if I and any of my friends made it.
    Thanks and God Bless!!!

  22. I’m one of the applicants of the program from Bicol University. I just wanted to follow up my application, since my two co-applicants had already recieved their letters. I also Wanted to forward po my new phone number because there is a problem with our phone and it needs to be replaced with a new no. its (052) 820-2902 po, and this is also my cp# 09284239151. can i also have a list of the qualifiers? thank you very much. I’m looking forward po to your response…

  23. its lovely sy again i just wanted po to leave my email add. it’s lbfvsy_0221@yahoo.com
    Thank you…

  24. Hello everyone. Thank you for your interest in this program. For your inquiries, please contact Ms Lutchie Chua of the National Youth Commission at this mobile number 09209181297. Good luck. 🙂

  25. hi!in ben from MSU-Marawi City…I just wanna ask f there’s already the result for the final list of the delegates for this program…looking forward to this.tnx…

  26. gud day po… i jst wnt to ask bwt the results of this program. hv u sent d results to ol qualifiers? wer there results posted on the net olredy? tnx po..

  27. just want to leave my e-mail add.. shai_cute021@yahoo.com
    and may i ask if we can request for an extension of the submission of the requirements? coz its so hard to get a passport but i’m trying to do my best just to meet the deadline.. thank you..

  28. waiting for your response.. thank you po..

  29. what were the destinations to visit in japan? where are we going to stay during the travel? how can i be able to get an affidavit of support from the sponsoring organization? it is needed in getting the traveling clearance…i am yet a minor… and can i also ask for the complete list of the delegates?by the way my email ad is christhel_m90@yahoo.com…thanx

  30. Hello! It’s sad naman for me kasi lahat ng nag apply sa JENESYS Programme from our school, Notre Dame of Marbel University parang napadalhan ng letter at parang ako lang rin yong hindi pa napadalhan. Huhuhu.. I can’t concentrate talaga sa aking studies… really… Iniisip ko ano ba talaga yong mali sa application ko. Mga 5 yata sila lahat tapoz puro girls and may isang teacher as supervisor yata… I want to know the result talaga… Salamat!!!!! More power!!!

  31. Hello again, everyone. This blogger posts details on programs like JENESYS as part of her contribution to the information drives undertaken by the National Youth Commission and various other organizers.

    As such, this website cannot include status or results of your respective applications. For this particular program – JENESYS – please contact the National Youth Commission directly through Ms. Lutchie Chua at this mobile number 09209181297.

    Again, good luck.

  32. Good day. please send me details for my daughter.
    Thank you very much.

  33. hello! good day. I am one of the applicants of this JENESYS Program and I’m from Saint Mary’s University. I would like to know if there are already lists of qualifiers of this program.Thank you. My new e-mail ad is: http://www.donnalynguinobang@yahoo.com

  34. i’m looking forward for our trip this may. sALamat for giving me the chance to be the one of the delegates. i’m looking forward also to see the other delegates. thank you sa inyo po talaga. sa JENESYS program.
    please send me right away the other informations and details of our travel. if what we will be doing(program or schedule of activities). this is my e-mail address anib.randy@yahoo.com

  35. The list of those who qualified were already posted weeks ago at the NYC website. Check them out t http://www.youth.net.ph

    I’m happy to say that I’m one of those who qualified. 🙂

  36. i’m so so interested.hope meron pa next.i failed to submit the requirements. 😦 but i’m happy for my 11 schoolmates who were qualified.gambatte!

  37. hi.. i just want to know the result of the application.. can u send it through my e-mail francesrafio@yahoo.com? thanks and more power. 🙂

  38. hi..i’m so glad i’ve been chosen for this JENESYS programme, under Malaysia’s Education Ministry. Hope this would leave a great experiences for me~

  39. is the program still open untill now? or if not, will there be another batch? thanks you. -amme_agudo@yahoo.com

  40. Yeehaah! I am chosen to represent the Philippines

    see you all Batchmates

  41. Liza here~ I’m not a FIlipino but I already joined the JENESYS Programme! It is VERY EXCITING for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

    For me, Bruneian, only 27 were chosen from high school students to college. We visited Tokyo and Sapporo in the 10 days programme. It was a wonderful experience.

    Congratulations to those who are selected! Do enjoy every second of it!!!! It is truly once a lifetime chance.

  42. hi!!!!!!
    am vishakha from india and i have got selected in the 2nd batch
    to visit japan under this programme . liza can you please tell me something more about your this experience?????

  43. Good day! I have just known this scholarship yesterday. Pls give me a form so I could be able to join for the coming celebration this july I think. I have watch on tv and thanks God this is what Im waiting for. I’l be expecting for your response po. Maraming Salamat Po!

  44. I just wanna ask if this program is still open until now. I am from Mindanao State University and I really want to join this program. Do you have any contacts here in our university so that I can inquire information regarding this program.thanks. I’ll be hoping for a reply.

  45. hello there…
    i applied for JENESYS program,… Just want to know the results???

    im a bit excited….

    reply at somnolent_dyarista@yahoo.com

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