Dream boat/s

August 20, 2007

I had a date earlier today – first date, with all the funny trimmings that go with it.

Must be the “di na makatulog, di pa makakain” nights spent anticipating, but I was able to squeeze myself into an old Black Shop suit and a favorite halter top. These are clothes that I have not worn for the past year because of the weight I gained in Ilocos.

I rarely wear jewelry. Yet just for today, I borrowed a set of small pearl earrings from Mama. She was suprised since I always shunned all sorts of bling.

If only I knew how to put on make-up and fix my hair into something more dignified than a ponytail, I would have done so. Sadly, I don’t, so the face had to remain pale – save for a lip balm (pathetic me) and the hair had to settle for a few brushstrokes, nothing else.

I usually need a little over ten minutes to get dressed. Today, I wasted away an hour deciding on what to wear. With my very limited wardrobe, an hour is ridiculous.

I am a breakfast person but today I couldn’t eat and could not even down a glass of milk. Butterflies were afloat in my tummy.

Finally, when I arrived at our rendezvous, for the first time since my debut recitation in law school (June 1997, Persons and Family Relations under former PCGG Commissioner Ruben C. Carranza Jr.) my knees were trembling. Seriously trembling. My hands too – a first! The tremors were so strong I couldn’t even connect my laptop’s cables.

I was palpitating so heavily – I feared that I was so close to fainting.

Is this love? I wish. But no, today my date was with the clergy of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia led by Archbishop Salgado.

If only they knew what a mess my nerves were! Imagine speaking before around seventy or so of the most brilliant – and the most dashing – men in Ilocos! (Will have to save the substance of the exchanges during the Forum for another post.)

Remember how we were repeatedly asked in grade school what question will be ask God if given the chance? I have one right now but I already found the answer this morning.

My friends kept wondering where in the world are the good men hiding. Men who can “smile away the thunder, kiss away the rain” (not sure if I got those lyrics right, my apologies). Men who we can talk to – really talk to – because in the twilight of our years, good looks and all that go with it would have faded and all we would wake up each day for is the companionship and conversation. Men with compassion and whose passions are for things far greater than themselves.

I found them this morning.



  1. Personally, I was expecting somebody older, for a dean, and for such depth of reflections. I forgot maturity and erudition does not necessarily come with age.
    To begin with, the Attorney was young, gorgeous and cool. Although yes, you looked nervous – at the beginning – but your smiles through the talk, the straightforwardness, the contact, exuded confidence.
    You did very well, and did leave an impression – a young woman very much informed, who knows her craft, yet remains very unassuming.
    In fact, first thing in the afternoon after the talks, we decided to have a statement on the issue. It’s people who are convinced of their principles, and manifest these well, who convince other people to share their advocacy.
    And as to the “brilliant” – actually, we are trying hard to be informed, maybe the little brilliance is born of God’s grace and experience; maybe the “dashing” part, we could argue. Ü
    Thanks for the complement – or maybe more of a challenge we should live up to – to be “Men with compassion and whose passions are for things far greater than themselves.” I’m humbled.

  2. pardon the mistakes. should have been – “maturity and erudition DO”, and “complement” should have been COMPLIMENT.
    anyway, the thought matters.

  3. Thank you, father. 🙂 You really made my day. To date, you are the only one who used gorgeous – hala, your eyes need to be checked na.

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