Pressure, pressure

August 4, 2007

I am madly preparing for a talk on August 20, 2007 before the clergy of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia. “Consumed” would best describe my state of mind. Speaking before lawyers or students is peanuts compared to the ordeal that I will subject myself to.

Since high school, I have always had this conviction that the sharpest, most brilliant minds are in the clergy. The men who have left the deepest impressions in this spinster’s life are all priests, save perhaps for my father, relatives and a few good ones.

I remember Rev. Leo – who is leading an altogether different life now – and how he taught me to love the quiet, contemplative life. He was a deacon in the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman while I was in college and before that, he spent his regency at Divine Word College back here in Vigan. I still have his letters when he was in Paris and in Togo. It sometimes feels like all of those were lifetimes ago, though. Still, he remains one of my dearest beacons, despite the vastness of time and distance that has continued to keep him away.

Back here, I always tell my friends that after a few minutes of flashing saccharine smiles, a guy should be able to say something. By far the most edifying conversations I have had are with men like Rev. Nick. Quite a tall order, I guess.

Argh. I am rambling. Pressure is really on. I read until 4AM this morning – just thinking about who my audience will be on the 20th effectively kept me awake.



  1. Nothing to worry about, Atty. Elena. At the Assembly, you’ll be the expert. We’ll be there to learn. c”,)

  2. And don’t stay up too late. They say there is a direct correlation between lack of sleep and aging. You don’t wish to speed up what is supposed to come in gradually and gracefully, would you? 🙂

  3. Haha. Definitely not, Father. I’d be better off delaying aging for as long as I can.

  4. adu la amin nga pakadandanagam attorney. patapukem ketdi.

  5. Haha. Hi apo. Ket wen a, adda kanto laketdi.

  6. i will be there tol. sigurado dayta.

  7. nothing to worry about attorney clergies are human too

  8. don’t worry, mas magaling ka sa kanila attorney! i know almost all the members of the clergy especially the young, and intelligence wise, you’re still my bet!

  9. Thank you. Still, my bet would be on the selfless men in white. 🙂


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