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My Music Man for the Moment

May 6, 2007

“Jack Johnson’s got a voice like buttered crumpets… It’s not just the voice, which lifts like a warm breeze and acts as an instant balm to stress-addled nerves. He’s also extraordinarily good-looking: tanned, lantern-jawed and with a lovable flaw in the form of a barely traceable scar, the result of a surfing accident in which he crashed into a coral reef, breaking his nose and knocking out three of his teeth. All that, and still beautiful.

“So he’s a hottie of the highest order. He’s also thoughtful, sensitive, and politically aware without being didactic…In other words, he’s an exquisitely chiselled package of all the things ladies love…” [Excerpts from The Word Magazine]

Wow. More on his songs in the next few days. Perfect for summer nights and days spent on beaches. Here is a sampling of “buttered crumpets” and it’s even a cover. Wait till we get to the songs he wrote.