“Napintas pay ngem…”

December 2, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, I requested Manang Vicvic and Manang Nena to include some items on my list when they dropped by a nearby grocery store. I previously met the owner in a previous meeting of the Vigan Conservation Council (VCC).  Their application for a building permit was among the matters taken up.

My two manangs arrived back at the office laughing. Apparently, the owner remembered me. Weird. He said,”Balasang pay ania? Nalaing ag-English. Napintas pay ngem [that Ilocano word I most detest] met.” [She’s still single, right? She speaks English well. She’s even pretty but chubby.]

Ay apo. I’ll have to thank him one of these days though. He has shown how a bitter pill can still taste good.


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  1. hahahaha funny!!!!

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