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Wisdom of Heart

October 15, 2006

“So make us know the shortness of life, that we may gain wisdom of heart.”

This Sunday’s Psalm spoke of something I have aspired for the longest time – wisdom of heart. 

Often, the search has been an aimless wandering for meaning and hopefully, for that elusive happiness. The faults, failures and frustrations have forced us to take the easy coward’s way out. We found comfort in material possessions and what Don McClean sung of as “castles in the air.” And when all else fails, we blame others, we blame the world, we blame God.

It is humbling how some kids so much younger than we are have found this rare gift. This line from a personal website of a daughter of a celebrity (who already is a celebrity in her own right) sums it best: Life is just too damn short to be so angry all the time.