My Uncle’s Niece

August 15, 2006

I got my knee skinned yesterday, adding more ugliness to an already unattractive pair of legs.

Having grown up collectively raised by my mother’s family, her brothers (Uncles Erwin and Eric) had unwittingly played a major role in molding my preferences in so many things. I owe my love of music and whatever discipline I may have in my studies to Uncle Erwin. And the passion for basketball. He played pointguard and if anyone remembers how Bernard Fabiosa used to handle ball, Uncle was even better.

This same passion drove me to play center in elementary before being relegated to forward when I stopped growing in high school. Now, I play guard, not that I have any choice.

Yesterday was the opening of the intramural games of the City Government. We are Team Yellow. Led by Manang Mila, Manang Fatima and Manang Loida, the team is clearly anything but yellow.

I wanted so badly to play, notwithstanding last week’s nasty incident. I was content to sit it out since the team was blessed with a deep bench, with players who are far more aggressive than I am. I look like a lamb compared to how Manang Analyn played last night.

When I got a few minutes, I was raring to play defense. I have always been more of a defensive player, rather than a shooter. Like a drug-induced euphoria, my world shrunk to just seven people – me, my two teammates, our three opponents and the referee. Everything and everyone just faded away.

That lone shot last Monday was for Uncle. As for the skinned knee and the unsightly limp that goes with it, I’ll just dismiss all questions with a smug “I wear my scars proud.”


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  1. astig, ilan score mo? hehe, tnx
    the ties that bind,

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