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My Uncle’s Niece

August 15, 2006

I got my knee skinned yesterday, adding more ugliness to an already unattractive pair of legs.

Having grown up collectively raised by my mother’s family, her brothers (Uncles Erwin and Eric) had unwittingly played a major role in molding my preferences in so many things. I owe my love of music and whatever discipline I may have in my studies to Uncle Erwin. And the passion for basketball. He played pointguard and if anyone remembers how Bernard Fabiosa used to handle ball, Uncle was even better. Read the rest of this entry ?



August 1, 2006

p_devil_1-book-cover.jpgI originally bought a copy of The Devil and Miss Prym and The Zahir, both by Paulo Coelho last year at the Kinokuniya Book Store in KLCC. Upon arrival in the Philippines, I decided to read this novel first. I was immediately engrossed with the tale of the devil tempting a catatonic little village and the pivotal role that a lonely young woman was to play. Sadly, I lost my copy in my rush to head home to Ilocos.It was only this year that I saw copies of the novel in the bookshelves here. And since I no longer want to keep guessing as to what happened to poor Miss Prym, I used my three hundred to get one.

It would be unfair to conclude that it was disappointing. Anticlimactic is more like it. The build-up was too grand compared to how it ended and the reader is left wondering why ending was too abrupt. It could be that I was expecting a little too much from an author who has given me another imperative to relearn Español because some of his books still have not been translated into the English language. Veronica Decides to Die and Eleven Minutes remain my favorites though.

By the way, I am going to start my Steve Berry reading. Pathetic way of trying to exorcise someone’s ghost but it might just work.